Dana Smith

Certified since 2012


Cell: (949) 922-3657

Farm / Business

Dana Smith Show Team, Inc.
31441 Avenida De La Vista
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
(949) 922-3657
28121 Via Rueda
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
(949) 922-3657

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Professional Overview



Started training professionally in 1978 and trained at Big K Stables in Santa Ana. After six years, I took two years from training horses and students to achieve veterinarian knowledge from Equine Veterinarian Associates Hospital in Yorba Linda. I worked as a Veterinarian Technician at a hospital and assisted 4 veterinarians with equine patients and performing procedures and emergency surgeries. In June of 1983, DANA MALONE TRAINING STABLE was invited to train at a top equestrian center, Rancho Sierra Vista in San Juan Capistrano. I am privileged to celebrate my 34th anniversary with Rancho Sierra Vista last June 9th 2017.


When I moved my company to Rancho Sierra Vista, I brought along 14 horses and their families with children, mostly training Western Style. Over the past 34 years my emphasis from Western changed to Hunter/Jumper, sales and a complete beginner through advanced lesson/lease program, beginner Summer Camps and Birthday Party Rides, including 40 horses in training, 8 ‘school horses’ and there are over 100 families involved. We have 4 instructors that educate daily and three full time grooms to care for our horses. In 1993, due to the abundant youth and amateur riders and wanting to emphasis team spirit; we decided to identify ourselves as DANA SMITH SHOW TEAM, Inc.  


I am at present and have for the past 23 years served on the ORANGE COUNTY HORSE SHOW ASSOCIATION Board of Directors and have spent 4 years holding the office of Presidency for 2 full terms. I served as Chairperson of the OCHSA Championship Horse Show Committee and have for the past 17 years. I held the office of Vice President for 4 years and as current, hold office of Treasurer. As President and Vice President I have collected sponsorships and advertisements and designed ads and put together the OCHSA Premium and Dinner book each year.   As President, I over saw the organization, held monthly Board of Directors meetings and committee meetings. We preside over Orange County Horse Shows and work along side horse show managers with the development of quality competitions for equestrians. OCHSA also sponsors a Championship Horse Show each October and an Awards Banquet Dinner each December. Our main objectives to not only provide and give back to our membership but to pick an organization in need. Each year we hold fundraisers, silent auctions, raffles and ask for donations on their behalf.


I have also served on the Board of Directors of the Interscholastic Equestrian League for 14 years and for 3 years was in charge of collecting scholarship monies and winners for the senior scholarships. I currently hold and have for 7 years held, the office of Secretary and take minutes for their meetings. Our students have competed at the IEL Horse shows for over 21 years.


I’m also currently serving on the Board of Directors for the San Juan Capistrano Equestrian Coalition and have for 7 years. Their mission statement is preserving the equestrian heritage of San Juan Capistrano. I serve on several of their committees and work along side several SJC city office holders to enhance and preserve San Juan Capistrano. I've been involved with their big yearly fund raiser 'Two Stepping Under the Stars" for the past 6 years.


I have been a proficient witness in numerous horse related law cases and I have been an appraiser of various Quarter Horses, Thoroughbred and Warm Blood horses.


In March of 2012, I enhanced my teaching credentials by attending a United States Hunter Jumper Trainer Certification Program along with getting certified for CPR. I completed the course and further written tests and was honored by becoming a certified instructor for the USHJA. 




DSSHWTM students focus on qualifying and competing at the Orange County Championships, Pacific Coast Hunter/Jumper, Interscholastic Equestrian League, United States Hunter Jumper Association, United States Equestrian Horse Shows, National and International Competitions. We compete 2 weekends a month and about every 6 weeks, at a week long horse show. The mainstream of our horses are purchased from the European states. We have an exceptional track record of accomplishments in theses competitions. Over the past 18 years at the Orange County Championship Show, we are proud of having the leading amount of Championships.  Of a particular note, our entire team won the “Sportsmanship” award at the OCHSA Championship Show. 


I have had the nobility of 14 ‘TRAINER OF THE YEAR’ awards at the Interscholastic Equestrian League Year End Awards Banquet.  The Varsity and Jr. Varsity Champion Rider in 2002/2003 and the Freshman and Jr. Varsity Champion rider for the 2003/2004 IEL season rode in our program.  IEL 2004/2005 shined for our team in all four divisions presented. In 2007, we were honored with freshman trainer of the year and again in 2008 we were honored with numerous championships. 2009 to 2012, we were once again honored with show champions. We led the IEL freshman division for 2012/13 and was honored with Trainer of the year. Each year since, we've won many year end awards at IEL.


For 7 years, our students have competed at PIMA COUNTY Horse Shows in Tucson, Arizona, an “A” rated show for United States Equestrian Association and been the most winning championship barn.  In 2004, we had 6 show champions and 3 mid circuit reserve champions at the largest “A” show, INDIO DESERT HITS NATIONAL Horse Show. 2005 brought on a great start at Tucson National Show and Thermal brings home numerous Championships.  2008 through 2011 was over the top with many mid and full circuit champions at the International Thermal, HITS horse show.


We are proud to have available, a web site ‘for’ and ‘about’ our precious and deserving students at www.DANASMITHSHOWTEAM.com.




I plan to maintain, orchestrate and organize a secure, goal oriented and family barn isle with not all emphasis on winning.  Throughout each rider’s education, Sportsmanship and functioning as a team player is significant. Each year, I continue to ‘lend a hand’ to parents while they raise their children in a fine Christian atmosphere. Our riders face obstacles with riding and in life and we look forward to offering them guidance. We give them direction as they learn from their experiences and to maintain a positive approach.  My objective is to make a difference in their existence and for them to benefit from the leadership we offer and the love of horses we all share. I hope to accentuate their desire and passion for horses and life.  I am proud to present equestrians enjoyment and safety on their first ride, a trail ride, a camp or throughout their show jumping career.   

Business Information

Professional Experience: 13 Years
Specialties: Hunter, Jumper, Equitation, Foundation Lessons
Trainer: Does not Ride
Care: Full Care
Grooming: Full-grooming
Turnout Type: Natural
Arenas: Natural
Stabling Available: Yes
Barn Size: > 30
Days of Operation: Tuesday - Sunday
Type of Show: Goes to Rated Shows, Goes to Non-Rated Shows
Clinics: Local, Available to Travel
School Horses Available: Yes

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