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As part of our ongoing effort to educate members, USHJA is dedicated to making this rule page a resource for the membership to get information on new rules, the rule proposal process, approval process and other helpful information regarding rules affecting hunters and jumpers.

2015 USHJA Rule Change Actions

Click here to view the final Committee Action Report.

The Approved and Withdrawn sections below contain the rule change actions taken by the USHJA Board of Directors at the December 11, 2015 meeting and approved by the USEF Board of Directors at the January 16, 2016 meeting.

Note: No USHJA rule changes were Disapproved at the January 16, 2016, USEF Board of Directors meeting.

Rule Changes Effective December 1, 2015

The following important rule changes that touch our sport go into effect at the start of the 2016 competition year (December 1, 2015). Click on each to access the rule change.

  • 2015 GR845.0 Equine Vaccination Rule (2016 GR845): This rule provides new vaccination requirements stipulating horses entering USEF-licensed competitions must have documentation of Equine Influenza Virus and Equine Herpes Virus (Rhinopneumonitis) vaccinations within six months prior to entering the stables. This rule will minimize the potential for disease outbreak and provide consistency for entry across all Federation competitions and eliminate the use of excessive vaccination requirements.
  • 2015 GR404.0 Accountability of Trainers and Other Persons Responsible (2016 GR404): This rule defines those individuals accountable and responsible for violations of the prohibited substance rule in Chapter 4. Since the rule was passed, the USEF is considering additional changes to GR404 due to feedback it has received. To join in the conversation and give your feedback on who should be accountable, please attend the USEF Town Hall: Accountability for D&M Violations taking place at the USHJA Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday, December 8, at 2:45 p.m. For more information, read USEF's statement (November 3, 2015): Accountability for USEF Drugs & Medications Violations
  • 2015 GR1316.6 Accidents Involving Competitors (2016 GR1316): For safety purposes, this change requires junior riders to meet the criteria associated with loss of consciousness established as standard in other youth serving sports.
  • 2015 HU103.1 Hunter Eligibility, Pre-Green and Green Status for Horses and Ponies (2016 HU 103): This rule changes the way jumper experience affects Green Eligibility. For specific questions regarding these new rules, please email
  • 2015 HU 126.2 Equipment (2016 HU124); 2015 EQ109.3 Appointments (2016 EQ105): These rules state that exhibitors in Hunter and Hunter/Jumping Seat Equitation classes with a chronic hearing condition must apply for a Presidential Modification in accordance with GR152 in order to wear or carry an electronic communication device while mounted in the competition ring.
  • 2015 HU127.1 Attire (2016 HU 125): This rule clarifies appropriate, formal and inappropriate attire.
  • 2015 EQ109.1 Appointments (2016 EQ105): This rule defines attire.
  • 2015 EQ110.1 Class Routine (2016 EQ107): This rule has been reorganized and edited to address issues in the competition environment, including point deductions for rails and for seconds over time allowed.
  • 2015 HU180.1 Federation Measurement Verification (2016 HU180): This rule provides detail regarding the already allowed Federation caused protest measurements within the rules of USEF.

Please note that due to reprints within the USEF Rule Book as rules are inserted and amended, some rule references and numbers change from year to year. For your convenience, both 2015 and 2016 rule numbers are referenced above. The complete 2016 USEF Rule Book is available at

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2015 USEF Presidential Modifications
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