Addressing Problems with Fillable PDF Forms

  1. First and foremost, make sure that the PDF file you wish to open/edit is opened by Adobe Acrobat and not the "Preview" application which is typically the default application for opening PDF files on a Macintosh computer.

  2. As always, please make sure you are using the most up-to-date version of Adobe Acrobat. Please download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  3. FillanyPDF is a website that specializes in allowing any PDF file to be filled and sent online regardless of if the original was intended to be fillable or not. Visit their website at

  4. For Mac Only - If your default internet browser is Firefox and not Safari, (Safari users should be able to access PDF files correctly) you will have to download a free plug-in to allow you to view PDF files in Firefox. The following web address will take you to the Firefox Plug-in for download.

  5. For Mac Only - Another free plug-in is called Formulate Pro. Formulate Pro allows you to open and write on PDF files, drop in graphics, draw with the mouse or tablet, as well as save and print. Please visit the following address to install this plug-in on your mac. Go to FormulatePro for the download.

For Mac Users that use Safari Browser

  1. Open the online form, and proceed to fill out all the necessary data in the form fields. Please remeber to open the form with Adobe Acrobat and not Preview.

  2. If equipped with a “Submit” button, click this and a pop up window will appear prompting the user to select the type of email client he/she wishes to use.

  3. The first option is “Desktop Email Application” this is specifically for users that use their default email program for their computer such as Microsoft Outlook or Mail for Mac users.

  4. The second option is “Internet Email”. This option will save the file on the desktop (or wherever the user prefers) to be attached in an Internet email program like Yahoo, Gmail, or Microsoft Hotmail. This is the preferred way to address any problems with submitting the online forms from a Mac.

  5. This file will save in a FDF (form data file) format which is very similar to the PDF format. You may open both in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  6. When the file has been saved to the users preferred location, simply attach the file to an out-going email directed to the intended recipient.

Please Note — The USHJA does not endorse any the the above listed products, services, websites, or companies. Each entity mentioned is solely for the purpose(s) of aiding users that work from Macintosh computers whom have difficulty with our online fillable PDF forms.