2017 EAP National Training Session

George M. Humphrey Equestrian Center at Lake Erie College
November 9-12, 2017
Painesville, OH
Clinician: Peter Wylde
Stable Manager: Anne Thornbury

Want to get an inside look at the Lake Erie College George M. Humphrey Equestrian Center and learn about their equine programs? Contact Cami Blanchard at cblanchard@lec.edu to inquire about a tour, or visit www.lec.edu/equestrian.

How the National Training Session Works

Of the athletes who participated in training sessions across the country, 16 riders will be selected to participate in the EAP National Training Session.

Several athletes who showed exceptional knowledge in the stable management area of the sessions, are invited to attend as stable managers for the National Training Session.

The three-and-a-half day training session gives riders the opportunity to train with several of the country's top clinicians, while riding and caring for a horse provided by the host facility and assigned to them by the EAP representatives. Each rider starts on a fair and level playing field and must utilize all the skills they have honed throughout the entire EAP process to bond quickly with their equine partner.

The small group size allows the riders to work very closely with the clinicians during the riding and stable-management sessions throughout the several days. Finalists are again closely observed and evaluated during all phases of the National Training Session and are expected to be active participants in all activities. The riding sessions address flatwork and jumping, while stable-management sessions are hands-on, in-depth and extensive. Barn chores are monitored, and a written test gauges the knowledge each finalist has gained throughout the year. Additional clinics, such as veterinary seminars, trimming and shoeing, saddle fitting, and feeding regimens may be offered, as well.

The final day concludes with a two-round Nations Cup-style competition involving four teams of four riders each will complete the competition. This team format offers the riders an opportunity to showcase their riding skills as well as their ability to perform under pressure. An awards ceremony follows the competition, where one rider is named the overall USHJA EAP National Champion and is awarded a $3,000 grant to be applied toward the cost of advanced training with an approved trainer. Closing remarks from the clinicians bring each EAP year to an end, but for many of the riders, their participation in the EAP has brought them to the start of a new level of understanding and commitment to the hunter/jumper sport.

These young riders may run into each other at horse shows during the year, or this may be the only time they meet, but the camaraderie shared throughout the EAP process is an experience that will stay with them for a lifetime.

The Emerging Athletes Program is supported in part by a generous grant from the United States Equestrian Federation.

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