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Beginning in the 2018 competition year, the USHJA will be enhancing the USHJA Outreach Program with new class offerings and two categories of competition.

The USHJA Outreach Program provides members at any level of membership with an opportunity to earn national recognition in classes from walk/trot/canter to 3'0" hunter, jumper and medal competition at various types of competition. The program is designed to celebrate riders as they advance through the competitive experience.

Competitors with a USHJA membership (Outreach level or higher) will be eligible to earn year-end awards in their section(s). Year-end awards for each section will be awarded 1st through 6th place by USHJA zone.

In addition to year-end awards, USHJA members (Outreach level or higher) can earn Certificates of Merit throughout the year. Once a rider earns at least 30 points during the competition year, that competitor will receive a Bronze Level Certificate of Merit, at 50 points a Silver Level Certificate of Merit, and at 75 points a Gold Level Certificate of Merit. Bronze Level Certificates will be mailed during the competition year, and all Silver and Gold certificates will be awarded at the end of the competition year. Certificates are noted in the current standings.

Outreach competitions may be hosted by any organization meeting the minimum criteria, whether USEF-rated or local, unrecognized competitions.

Any rider may compete in Outreach hunter and jumper classes, but riders wishing to earn points and national recognition, must be USHJA members. USHJA offers an Outreach Membership for $35. Riders are required to be members of USHJA (Outreach level or higher) in order to compete in the USHJA Outreach medal classes. Horses are not required to be registered with USHJA to compete in Outreach classes.

Below are the available classes at USHJA Outreach competitions.

USHJA Outreach Hunters 18" or Crossrail
USHJA Outreach Hunters 2'0"
USHJA Outreach Hunters 2'3"
USHJA Outreach Hunters 2'6"
USHJA Outreach Hunters 3'0"
USHJA Outreach Hunters Derby
USHJA Outreach Jumpers 2'3" (.70m)
USHJA Outreach Jumpers 2'6"(.75m)
USHJA Outreach Jumpers 2'9" (.85m)
USHJA Outreach Jumpers 3'0"(.90m)

USHJA Outreach Walk/Trot/Canter Medal Class
USHJA Outreach 2'0" Medal Class
USHJA Outreach 2'6" Medal Class
USHJA Outreach 3'0" Medal Class
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