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Exciting Trainer Certification Program Changes

You spoke we listened, the USHJA member input showed a need for the educational requirement for the Trainer Certification Program be more affordable and easily accessible. USHJA has since partnered with EquestrianCoach.com to offer TCP applicants a new online educational option. The cost of the Online Trainer Certification Course is $200, which includes a complimentary 6-month subscription of EquestrianCoach.com. This bonus membership gives TCP applicants access to Equestrian Coach’s extensive library of videos in addition to the TCP course materials.

The Online Trainer Certification Course consists of 11 videos with a total runtime of approximately 5 hours. Applicants will be required to watch and complete a short quiz on each video. Enroll Today!

Sponsor Spotlight: TCP and Markel

Markel is pleased to partner with the USHJA as the sponsor of the Trainer Certification Program. The Trainer Certification Program assists equine professionals to define and develop their role within the Hunter/Jumper industry by providing continuing education and a forum for long-term professional development with recognition of merit. Markel's team of Hunter/Jumper specialists make the difference. Working with an exclusive Markel horse insurance specialist means you are working directly with Markel-the insurance company. With decades of experience in the horse industry, our horse specialists are readily accessible to assist you with your equine insurance needs. Visit www.hjtrainerinsurance.com for more information, or to choose a Markel specialist.

Dress for Success: Hair Coat and Hoof Quality

Roy A Johnson, Cargill Animal Nutrition – Nutrena

The appearance of a horse's hair coat and hoof wall tells a great deal about the care and management of that horse. The best grooming products in the tack shop cannot produce the same look as a healthy, well groomed coat and solid hoof walls. Grooming products can enhance the appearance of hair and hoof, but are not a substitute for a quality hair coat or a good foot.

Hair and hoof quality starts with nutrition. Both are comprised primarily of protein. Adequate high quality protein is essential to the growth of hair and horn (the outer covering of the hoof is called the horny wall).

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Equestrian Professional

7 Steps to Writing a Killer Horse Business Marketing Plan

Elisabeth McMillan – EquestrianProfessional.com

Over the years, I've learned many marketing philosophies, gained a lot of experience and created my own blended approach to horse business marketing. However, I find that at my core is a thought process that I learned about 10 years ago from Jay Conrad Levinson, during a Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification Course.

It is called "The 7 Sentence Marketing Plan."

It is also known as "The 7 Step Marketing Plan” because of the simple step-by-step approach that creates it. The way it works is you write one or two sentences about seven key areas of your business and your marketing, put them all together, and KAPOW! - Instant marketing plan.

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The Shape They Are In

John Scruggs, CJF, – AAPF

Form Follows Function. If your Horse is having a problem with its motion or performance take a look at its feet

Keeping a sport horse going well requires continuous evaluation. Changes in its motion and/ or habits, however significant, should be considered and attended. If your horse is experiencing a performance issue related to propulsion and/or interference, take a look at its hind feet. It may be time to go back to a basic trimming/shoeing and reestablish a baseline of support and function.

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2012 USHJA Trainer Certification Program Clinics

Attendance at a recognized USHJA Trainer Certification Program Clinic will count towards the enrollment requirements for the Trainer Certification Program.





August 31-Sept. 1

George Morris

Irving, TX

Britt McCormick

September 29

George Morris

Birmingham, AL

J. Michael Halbleib

October 20-21

Scott Hofstetter

Tryon, NC

Lincoln Russell

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