Board and Committee Minutes

Board and committee minutes are a summary of the general discussion on the various topics on a committee's agenda. They are not a transcript and do not contain specific comments of individual committee members, but rather provide a sense of the discourse around the various agenda items.


Working Groups

Hunter Working Group

Jumper Working Group

Amateurs Task Force

Children/Adult Task Force

Emerging Jumper Athlete Task Force

Equitation Task Force

Hunter Breeding Task Force

International Hunter Derby & Incentive Task Force

Junior Task Force

NAJYRC Task Force

National Hunter Derby Task Force

Owners Task Force

Pony Task Force

Young Jumper Task Force

WCHR Task Force

Standing Committees

Awards Committee

Audit Committee

Budget and Finance Committee

Competition Management Committee

Competition Standards Committee

Emerging Athletes Program Commitee

Horsemanship Quiz Challenge Program Committee

Horse and Rider Advocates Committee

Officials Committee

Officials Education Committee

Rules Committee

Sport Intergrity Task Force

Trainer Certification Program Committee

Zone Committees

Zone 1 Committee

Zone 2 Committee

Zone 3 Committee

Zone 4 Committee

Zone 5 Committee

Zone 6 Committee

Zone 7 Committee

Zone 8 Committee

Zone 9 Committee

Zone 10 Committee

Zone 11 Committee

Zone 12 Committee