Pre-Green Incentive Program

The Pre-Green Incentive Program is an innovative program designed to encourage the development of pre-green horses. The program is the result of the dedication of numerous USHJA committee members, including Colleen McQuay and Geoff Teall, diligently working with USHJA leadership and staff. Everyone involved is to be commended for their commitment and financial support of this program which includes an annual Championship held the same week as the USHJA International Hunter Derby Championship. Money Won program tracking lists honor horses by age and gender, as well as the top Thoroughbred and American-Bred horses. Rider recognition will be based on overall total money won.

Enrollment and Eligibility to Compete

The Pre-Green Incentive Program is open to horses of any age that are eligible to compete as a pre-green hunter under Federation rules. A horse's pre-green status which is reinstated in accordance with Federation rules is eligible to compete in a USHJA Pre-Green Stake Class provided all other requirements have been met.

Horses must be enrolled in the USHJA Pre-Green Incentive Program and pay the annual enrollment fee to participate in the Pre-Green Stake classes and to be eligible for the Pre-Green Championship. Additionally, horses must be registered with USHJA and recorded with USEF to participate. Horses must be enrolled in the Pre-Green Incentive Program prior to competing in a Pre-Green Stake class. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to enroll his horse in a timely manner in order to be eligible to participate.


Pre-Green News

November 19, 2013 - 2014 USHJA Pre-Green Incentive Program Enrollment Opens

August 15, 2013 - Hunt Tosh Dominates the $157,990 Inaugural USHJA Pre-Green Incentive Championship

July 1, 2013 In Stride - Preparing for a Phenomenal Pre-Green Championship

March 2, 2013 In Stride - Vision and Perseverance Drives the Pre-Green Incentive Program

November 14, 2012 - Enrollment for New USHJA Pre-Green Incentive Program Opens November 15


Official Cooler of the
Pre-Green Incentive Championship

Shapley's Best Turned Out Award for the USHJA Hunter Championships

Pre-Green Stake Classes

  • Pre-Green Stake classes may be held at any USEF
    Premier (AA), National (A), Regional I (B) or Regional II (C) hunter competition or any competition that has been approved for a Special Competition status.
  • Each class must offer a minimum of $1,000 in prize money when held at a Premier (AA) or National (A) competition or a competition that has been approved for a Special Competition status, and a minimum of $500 in prize money when held at a Regional I (B) or Regional II (C) competition.
  • Horses may be ridden by a professional, junior or amateur.
  • There is no limit to the number of horses a rider may compete in the class.

Other Competitive Programs
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