Ch_AA Jumper


The Children’s and Adult Amateur Jumper Championships is a jumper championship program designed to showcase the skills of riders who compete in the Children’s and Adult Amateur jumper sections across the country. The Championships provide riders with a competitive team experience and an opportunity to earn Zone Horse of the Year points in their respective Children’s or Adult Amateur jumper section. The Championships are held by zone and consist of both team and individual competition.

In order to be eligible to qualify for the Championships, riders must earn a minimum of 20 points in their home zone (does not include points from contiguous zones) from December 1, 2015, to June 1, 2016, and complete their rider application by May 1, 2016. Riders’ placement on a team is based on points accumulated from December 1 of the current competition year to 60 days prior to the start of Ch/AA Jumper Championships for that zone. An eligible rider is one who has not competed in a class held at a height over 1.20m within the current competition year up through the championship.

Rider applications open in February and close May 1. All riders must apply by May 1, 2016, and must earn a minimum of 20 points in their home zone from December 1, 2015, to June 1, 2016 to have their Children's or Adult Amateur jumper points count toward qualifying. Visit your zone’s page (on right-hand menu) for more information and to apply.