USHJA International Hunter Derby Series

Class Specifications

Effective for competitions starting
December 1, 2014, through November 30, 2015.

Deviations from the class specifications for the USHJA International Hunter Derby are not permitted without the express written permission from USHJA prior to the printing of the prize list. For any rules not specified above, please refer to the current USEF Rule Book.

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Staff Contacts While Hosting a USHJA International Hunter Derby

If questions arise pertaining to the USHJA International Hunter Derby that cannot be answered from the class specifications provided, one of the following USHJA representatives must be contacted to resolve any questions regarding the judging procedures or class specifications:

  • Kelley Douglas, USHJA Director of Hunter Programs
    (859) 225-6717
  • Ron Danta, Chair of the USHJA International Hunter Derby Task Force
    (803) 243-0700
  • Bill Moroney, President of the United States Hunter Jumper Association
    (301) 730-8280

National Hunter Derby
Kelley Douglas – (859) 225-6717