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Published bimonthly, each issue of In Stride is THE magazine for the most recent and informative news for the hunter/jumper community. It is packed full of useful tips to promote equine health and well-being, training and competition articles, full color photos from recent events and awards ceremonies, and much more. With an audience of more than 40,000 USHJA members, In Stride reaches a vast group of like-minded riders, trainers, owners and more. Advertise with In Stride, and make sure you get the coverage you deserve.

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March 2014 - Microchipping a Horse: Fact vs. Fiction

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May 2013 - Going the Distance for the Horse

May 2013 - Judging Brings A Rider New Perspective

May 2013 - Wendy Libert is Focused on the Regional Championships

March 2013 - EAP Riders Learn from the Master

March 2013 - Colvin Continues Her Reign

March 2013 - Owners Can Now Bank on the Pre-Green Incentive Program

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USHJA In Stride Media Kit

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