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  USHJA Welcomes Meghan Carney

The United States Hunter Jumper Association is pleased to welcome Meghan Carney to our staff as the new Director of Jumper Competitive and Educational Programs.

Meghan is a life-long equestrian who worked as a stable manager and riding instructor after completing her degree in Creative Writing from Southwest Missouri State University. In recent years, she has been working in the non-profit sector as an Outreach Coordinator for the Rolling Meadows Library in northern Illinois. She has extensive experience in working with volunteers, as well as planning, implementing, facilitating and budgeting for the Library’s summer Reading Program, the Readers Advisory Information Group and the Adult Reading Round Table.

Meghan and her eight year-old Thoroughbred gelding, Luke, relocated to Lexington in September. She enjoys living downtown, within walking distance to one of the best Farmers Market in the country and all the cultural events that this charming city has to offer.

Partnered for a year, Luke came into Meghan’s life via friend and former trainer/employer Christine Stokely of Missouri after she heard about the loss of Meghan’s Adult Hunter, Evangeline. Luke, better known at the racetrack as Sillysotherbrother was a rescue living a life of leisure in Christine’s fields before Meghan started working with him. The pair has competed at two B shows in Chicago, garnering ribbons in the Baby Greens, Modified Adults and the TIP TB Hunter. Meghan proudly boasts that Luke also ribboned in the USHJA Outreach Silver Medal – his second show.

Like her speedy mount, Meghan has hit the ground running at USHJA and looking forward to meeting many of the membership. You can reach Meghan Carney at 859.225.6721.

  Last Chance – Apply Now for Zone Grants &

Deadlines are coming up fast! Don’t miss out on Zone sponsored Grants and Scholarships that are still available. For specific requirements please read each application carefully.

October 1st Deadline

November 30th Deadline

For more information contact Melanie Fransen at 859.225.6705.

  The 2012 Randolph College/USEF National Junior
  Jumper Championship Qualifiers are In!

After several months of tough competitions and conquering many technical courses, the selections for each zone’s junior jumper team have been completed. These riders will face off at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show in Harrisburg beginning October 11th with phase one of the individual competitions and continuing through the 13th with the highly coveted team competition as a finale.

Following the official selection procedures – USHJA wishes to congratulate the following riders and their chosen team Chefs. Good Luck at Harrisburg to all!

Zone 1 – Jeffery Wells, Chef

  • Dana Scott with KM What Ever RV
  • Sydney Shulman with Little Lady D’Elle

Zone 2 – Ralph Caristo, Chef

  • Meg O’Mara with Sinatra IV
  • Charlotte Jacobs with Kachina
  • Mattias Tromp with Vosqinus
  • Lydia Ulrich with Santos Utopia
  • Kira Kerkorian with Malcolm, Alternate

Zone 3 – Sandra Ruiz, Chef

  • Ashley Foster with Indy
  • Chloe Reid with Damascus
  • KC Van Aarem with Mastermind
  • Barbara Ruziska with Victoire Van Het Dingenshof

Zone 4 – Kim Land, Chef

  • Victoria Colvin with Monsieur Du Reverdy
  • Liza Finsness with Ormsby Hill
  • Claudia Billups with Quick N Easy
  • Michael Hughes with Luxina
  • Shawn Casady with Zubantos, Alternate

Zone 5 – Alex Jayne, Chef

  • Lillie Ross with Pako
  • Abigail McArdle with Cosma 20
  • Kalvin Dobbs with Winde
  • Catherine Tyree with Wetter
  • Ali Boone with Wait And See, Alternate

Zone 7 – Matt Cyphert, Chef

  • Katie Cox with Twilight
  • Savannah Talcott with Recover
  • Kelsey Van Ackeren with Vernon G
  • Wilton Porter with Patriot

Zone 8

  • Madeline Thatcher with Licapo
  • Taylor Alexander with Vicky

Zone 9 – Cara Anthony, Chef

  • Lauren Myers with Zwelgje
  • Emily Hilton with Tattoo
  • Zoe Conlee with Alboretto Wonderland

Zone 10 – Karen Healey, Chef

  • Kilian McGrath with Salerno

  Welcome to the New Jumper Committee Members

Now that the zone elections are completed and appointments accepted, USHJA is pleased to announce the newly seated Zone Jumper Committee Members. Their expertise and generous giving of time will certainly be a benefit to our members. USHJA appreciates their dedication and commitment to the betterment of our sport.

Zone 1

  • Mr John Bahret
  • Missy Clark
  • Ms Fran Dotoli
  • Mr Peter Leone
  • Mrs Christine McCrea
  • Mr Jay Mullen
  • Mr Gregory Prince – Chair
  • Mr Charles Jacobs
  • Mr John Manning – Vice Chair

Zone 2

  • Mr James Benedetto
  • Mr Ralph Caristo
  • Mr Stacy Cascio
  • Mrs Mary Chapot- Vice Chair
  • Mrs Wendy Chaport-Nunn
  • Ms Amanda Flint
  • Mr Mark Leone- Chair
  • Ms Creigh Duncan
  • Mrs Mary O’Connor
  • Mrs Judy Richter
  • Mr Andrew Ross
  • Ms Alison Finger

Zone 3

  • Mr Ken Krome
  • Mrs Tracy Magness
  • Mr Paul Mathews
  • Ms Sandra Rui – Vice Chair
  • Mrs Diane Tate
  • Ms Gail Thompson
  • Mr Oliver Kennedy – Chair
  • Miss Courtney Cummings
  • Miss Elizabeth Hodges
  • Mrs Rachel Kennedy
  • Mr Gavin Moylan

Zone 4

  • Mrs Katie Brown-Maxwell
  • Dr Sandy Gregory
  • Ms Diann Langer
  • Mrs Wendy Ritter Peralta
  • Mrs Deborah Stephens
  • Ms Ann Thal
  • Mrs Kim Land – Chair
  • Mrs Janet McCarroll – Vice Chair
  • Mr Mark Tompkins
  • Mrs Mary Ann Parmelee
  • Miss Hayley Barnhill

Zone 5

  • Ms Sara Ballinger
  • Mr David Beisel – Vice Chair
  • Mr Thomas Blankenship
  • Miss Diane Carney – Chair
  • Miss Kirstie Lynn Dobbs
  • Miss Caitlin Hope
  • Mrs Elaine Schott
  • Mr William Craig Dobbs
  • Mr Ronald Beachy
  • Mr Thomas Cerra

Zone 6

  • Ms Gail Brandt
  • Mr Nick Novak
  • Dr Kathryn Ott – Co-Chair
  • Ms Louise Otten
  • Mr James Urban – Co-Chair
  • Mr Mark Aplin
  • Ms Catherine Barrea
  • Mrs Kelly Cormaci
  • Mr Dan Urban
  • Miss Michelle Jensen

Zone 7

  • Mr Daniel Bedoya
  • Miss Lindsey Black
  • Ms Janet Christie
  • Ms Laura Connaway
  • Mr Matt Cyphert
  • Mr Britt McCormick – Chair
  • Mr Brody Robertson – Vice Chair
  • Mr John McQueen
  • Ms Charlotte Seigler
  • Miss Brandie Holloway
  • Mr Thomas Le Blanc
  • Ms Lucie Herendeen

Zone 8

  • Mrs Betty Beran
  • Mrs Susan Griffis
  • Mrs Meredith Houx-Remiger
  • Mrs Mickie Sage
  • Ms Sharon Stewart-Wells – Vice Chair
  • Mrs Page Tredennick – Chair
  • Ms Sarah Invicta Williams
  • Ms Ana Carlson
  • Colonel Betsy Checchia
  • Mr Jonathan Knight
  • Ms Ashley Stannard
  • Mrs Sue Halpern
  • Miss Allison Wicks

Zone 9

  • Mrs Candida Anthony- Vice Chair
  • Mr Kevin Freeman
  • Mrs Amy Gau
  • Mrs Megan Jordan
  • Mr David Robinson
  • Mr Jeff Campf – Chair
  • Ms Andrea Schroeder
  • Mr Max Von Zimmermann
  • Mrs Corene Smith
  • Mr Patirck Snijders
  • Mrs Amy Gaylord

Zone 10

  • Ms Linda Allen
  • Mr Fred Bauer- Co- Chair
  • Mr Dick Carvin
  • Ms Joie Gatlin
  • Mr Ned Glynn – Co-Chair
  • Mr Dale Harvey
  • Miss Helen McNaught
  • Ms Sara Halford Jorgensen
  • Mr Larry Langer
  • Ms Julie Winkel
  • Mrs Stephanie Wheeler
  • Mr John Charlebois

Zone 11

  • Ms Brendan Damon Ethington- Co-Chair
  • Mrs Nancy Townsend- Co-Chair
  • Ms Sally White
  • Ms Jane Juselis
  • Ms Lucy Lower

Zone 12

  • Miss Jill Cornforth
  • Mrs Dana Eaton – Chair
  • Mrs Kerri Geppert
  • Ms Rebecca Carrington
  • Mrs Lindsay Henry
  • Ms Susan Ritter – Vice Chair
  • Mrs Lisa Susich

  USHJA Congratulates the 2012 EAP National Finalists

Congratulations to the 2012 EAP Finalists who are invited to continue their EAP journey at the EAP National Training Session! The 16 Finalists were chosen out of nearly 200 participants based on their riding abilities, stable management skills, horsemanship knowledge and overall passion for the horse. The EAP National Training Session, presented by Dover Saddlery, will be held on November 15-18, 2012, at Fields and Fences in Gurnee, IL and hosted by Carl and Rush Weeden of Brookwood Farm. USHJA welcomes back Olympic Gold Medalist, Peter Wylde, as the lead clinician and Karen Golding as the stable manager.

Each Finalist has the unique opportunity to ride and care for a horse provided by the host facility and assigned to them by the EAP representatives. Each rider starts on a fair and level playing field and must utilize all the skills they have honed throughout the entire EAP process to bond quickly with his equine partner. The Training Session is comprised of riding and stable management clinics, opportunities to meet with specialists such as a sports psychologist and farrier, and a written exam that tests the participants’ riding and horsemanship knowledge.

Auditors are welcome to witness this piece of jumper history! In lieu of an auditing fee please make a donation to the Emerging Athletes Program. Suggested donation is $50.

  Reminder – EAP Host Facility Applications
  Deadline Approaching Fast!

Applications for facilities interested in hosting an Emerging Athletes Regional Clinic in 2013 are still being accepted. The Host Facility does not have to be a show facility to be considered. Private farms, boarding facilities, universities, prep schools, etc. may apply as long as the facility can meet USHJA and EAP requirements. Clinics must be offered between June 1-August 31. Applications must be received in the USHJA office or postmarked no later than October 1, 2012.

EAP Host Facility Applications available on the EAP website. For more information please contact Carrie Vaught at 859.225.6703.

  USHJA’s New Governance Model Creates Balance

In the August 2012 issue of USHJA In Stride, USHJA President, Bill Moroney, presented the amended USHJA governance model. He stressed the importance of paying close attention to diversity and bringing new people into the governance model. As president, Bill has demonstrated the association’s commitment to that concept with the recent establishment of the newly formed Jumper and Hunter Working Groups which includes representation of athletes, amateurs, trainers, owners, riders, licensed officials, competition organizers and coaches. The working group responsibilities are included in the USHJA Bylaws beginning on page 15.

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  2012 USHJA Trainer Certification Program Clinics

Attendance at a recognized USHJA Trainer Certification Program Clinic will count towards the enrollment requirements for the Trainer Certification Program.





Sept. 29-Oct. 1

George Morris

Birmingham, AL

J. Michael Halbleib

Oct. 20-21

Scott Hofstetter

Tryon, NC

Lincoln Russell

Nov. 9-11

George Morris

Buffalo, NY

Susan Schoellkopf

Nov. 23-25

George Morris

Hampshire, IL

Diane Carney

Dec. 10-11

Stacia Madden

Alpharetta, GA

Jonna Wilks

Jan. 7-8, 2013

Bernie Traurig

Greenvale, NY

Long Island PHA

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