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The USHJA Foundation, founded in 2008, raises funds to support the programs of the USHJA, provide scholarships and grants to USHJA members, and offers financial assistance to equestrians facing life challenges including injury, illness and catastrophic events.

The USHJA Foundation relies solely on donations.
It is only through your contributions that we are
able to continue to provide support


In the Numbers:

$95,000 amount raised for USHJA and USHJA Foundation Programs since December 2012

$85,000+ provided for assistance to Horseman Assistance Fund Applicants since 2010

$30,000 provided for scholarships and grants since 2011

Choose Your Passion

Are you interested in the past, present or future?

$250 - can help preserve rare footage and priceless historical photos of our sport so that they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

$500 - can help offset the cost of stabling for 2 riders at a Regional Emerging Athletes Program event.

$1,000 - can provide a Horsemanship Quiz Challenge winner with an educational grant to a college or training session of their dreams.

$2,000- can build a Virtual Museum site that allows our membership to tour exhibits 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

$2,500 - can help pay the rent for an equestrian recovering from a life threatening injury or illness.

The funds listed here are just a few examples of the ways your gift can help support our sport. An all-inclusive donation is split by giving

  • 25% to the Horseman's Assistance Fund
  • 25% to the Foundation Endowment Fund
  • 40% for program support.
  • 10% maximum of your contribution goes toward administration

Your donation will be money well spent.

History & Preservation

  • Online Video Archives
  • Wheeler Archive
  • New Exhibits
  • Preservation of Historical Artifacts

Program Development

  • Attract Young People to Our Sport
  • Young Professional Development Program
  • Emerging Horseman's Program in the Zones


  • Research Grants
  • Horsemanship Quiz Challenge
  • Scholarships
  • TCP Zone Grants
  • EAP Grants

Horseman's Assistance Fund

  • Making a Dream Grants
  • Horseman's Assistance
  • Emergency Giving for Catastrophic Events

Making a Difference in the Lives of Our Members

Horseman's Assistance Fund

The USHJA Foundation Horseman's Assistance Fund provides financial relief to USHJA members who have faced hardships due to injury, illness or catastrophic disasters. Over $85,000 in assistance has been provided since 2010. This newsletter highlights two of those recipients.

 Linda Panetta

After over 30 years of shaping and expanding young riders' abilities, lifelong New Yorker and equestrian Linda Panetta came face- to- face with an obstacle for which she was not prepared.

"Last year I was diagnosed with a severe lung disease and my world of teaching came to a sudden stop," Panetta said. With mounting bills and little means to cover it all, Panetta was searching for assistance. "After learning about the aid that the USHJA Horseman's Assistance Fund can give to their members I wrote a letter. . I am so grateful for the financial aid that this organization has given me over the past year."    Full Story

 Patricia Hanly

While many of us have experienced the heartache of losing a loved one, it's difficult to comprehend the material hardships the survivor often faces. When Pat Hanly's long-time partner Bobby Meehan passed away in 2010, she was left with an uncertain future

Having depleted her finances and facing mounting medical and dental bills with no income, Hanly was presented with the unthinkable - being homeless at age 63. Thankfully, a concerned USHJA member put Hanly in touch with the Foundation and it was able to provide some much-needed assistance.    Full Story

Making A Dream Update

The USHJA Foundation "Making A Dream" Grant Program extends opportunities to individuals with unique circumstances and who seek a special experience in the sport of hunters and jumpers. Each experience is custom-designed depending upon the specific interests of the recipient. In this edition, we showcase two of those recipients who share their experiences and future aspirations with us - 2013 Making A Dream recipient Stevi Anne Thompson and 2011 recipient Lizzy Traband.

 Stevi Anne Thompson - 2013 Recipient

"The 'Making A Dream' Program is giving me an opportunity I never thought I could have," said 16 year old Stevi Anne Thompson. "Going to Palm Beach and training with trainers and riders I look up to is a dream come true. "Riding has always been difficult for me because of my anxiety, but I knew this is something I wanted to do."

"An anxiety disorder isn't something she can control, and it's overpowering at times," explains Thompson's mother Melanie. "Riding and working with horses is her calling in life, and I want her to see that she can make it - nothing is impossible."

Despite the challenge of a severe anxiety disorder, this young rider is thriving in the show ring, thanks in part to the USHJA Foundation "Making A Dream" Grant Program.
Full Story

 Lizzy Traband - 2011 Recipient

The inaugural recipient of the USHJA Foundation "Making A Dream" Grant has been extremely busy since that initial experience back in 2011. From riding and competing in Wellington to being named a 2012 USHJA Emerging Athlete's Program (EAP) National Finalist, Traband is constantly striving toward her equestrian goals and making all her dreams come true. "The USHJA has been a very positive force and big part of my life the last two years... and the Foundation's Making a Dream grant experience has been INVALUABLE in helping me to take my riding to the next step... I do my best when given the opportunity to give back to a world that has been such a big part of my life," says Traband.
Full Story about what Lizzy has been up to since 2011.