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USHJA Stirrup Cup Program

The USHJA Stirrup Cup Awards are an additional and unique awards program that you are automatically enrolled in by being a member of USHJA and competing in Regional I (B) and Regional II (C) rated competitions. This awards program is a separate program from the USEF Horse of the Year Program.

Please review the USHJA Stirrup Cup Program and Championship Event Specifications for a complete review of the program, eligibility requirements, and championship event information. In addition to the program specifications, the USHJA Stirrup Cup Program is governed by the general and division rules as outlined in the USEF Rule Book.


Eligibility Requirements

In order to earn points to be eligible for a Stirrup Cup award, individuals must meet the minimum eligibility requirements of the program. The minimum eligibility requirements include:

  • Horse owner, rider and trainer must be Active/Competing members of USHJA and USEF. Membership must be active on or before the first day of competition as outlined in the USEF rulebook.
  • Horses must have a USEF annual or Life recording and a USHJA horse registration.

Point Calculation

Hunter and equitation points will be based on the current increment system for Regional I (B) and Regional II (C) rated competitions established by USEF. Jumper points will be based on the current increment system for Level 1 and Level 2 rated competitions. Only points earned at Regional I (B) and Regional II (C) USEF-licensed competitions, and points earned at Jumper Level 1 or 2 rated competitions will count for this award program. Stirrup Cup points may only be accumulated in an owner's home zone; points accumulated in a contiguous state or country never count toward Stirrup Cup awards.

For the 2016 competition year, the qualifying period will be September 16, 2015 to November 30, 2016. Starting December 1, 2016, the competition year will be December 1 to November 30.

Stirrup Cup Championship

Each zone has the opportunity to host a Stirrup Cup Championship (formerly called Stirrup Cup Final). These championships provide members an opportunity to compete in Stirrup Cup sections and earn Championship Points. Please review the USHJA Stirrup Cup Program specifications to view the Championship Points charts for hunter, jumper, and equitation sections. Zone HOTY Championship dates and locations are listed on each zone's webpage.

Stirrup Cup Standings

From the below map, select your zone to see the current standings.

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